Alan was born and grew up in Blackley North Manchester.

As a teenager he Attended Moston Brook High School where he enjoyed listening to popular music and the TV and film scores of John Barry.

On borrowing the album “Yessongs” from a friend, he was introduced to progressive rock music and the virtuoso guitar playing of Steve Howe. He describes the transition on hearing Yes music for the first time as “moving musically from the hard shoulder to the fast lane!”.

At 19 he picked up the guitar for the first time and soon realised this is where his passion lay.
Classical and Jazz Guitar lessons followed and he soon became respected as a seasoned guitarist, playing in Jazz workshops and performing at many different venues across the North West of England.

In 1981 he moved to London to pursue the art of guitar playing further. The next few years saw him play with many different musicians/ writers and composers. During this time he was also registered with Air and Advision Recording Studios as a session musician.

Returning from London in 1985 he formed the song writing partnership with Barrie Taylor were together they have enjoyed continued success over the years.

Whilst Alan is recognised firstly as a guitarist he is a respected songwriter, producer and studio engineer, he is also able to play bass and keyboards.

Alan still lives in North Manchester were he relaxes watching movies from his own personal collection.

His Star Sign is Leo and he is a Manchester City Fan